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Top Tips for Protecting Your Business from Influenza

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In Canada, the flu, scientifically referred to as influenza, circulates throughout the year, but its peak season falls within the autumn, winter, and early spring months. As a business owner, this period poses significant challenges since an infected employee can easily propagate the virus within the workplace, leading to staffing shortages and reduced productivity.

Fortunately, you can safeguard your workplace and staff from the flu by implementing the following strategies:

Tips to Protect Your Business from Influenza

  1. Thorough Janitorial Cleaning: Undertaking a comprehensive cleaning regimen ensures that all areas within your workspace receive full cleaning and sanitation.

  2. More Frequent Regular Office Cleaning: Increasing the frequency of office cleaning by professional commercial cleaners during the flu season helps uphold workplace cleanliness and curbs the potential spread of germs.

  3. Identification of High-Touch Areas: High-touch areas are surfaces that frequently come into contact with hands, harboring the highest concentration of germs and offering prime opportunities for transmission. Examples of such areas encompass door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, faucet/tap handles, dispensers, phones, and more. Recognizing these high-touch zones is crucial, as they require more frequent cleaning and disinfection.

  4. Use of Appropriate Cleaning Products: It is imperative to utilize cleaning agents capable of disinfecting and eliminating germs. Only employ disinfectants endorsed by Health Canada, affirming their effectiveness and safety. When using cleaning chemicals, always adhere to the manufacturer's instructions as indicated on the product labels and employ the recommended personal protective equipment.

  5. Emphasis on Hand Washing and Sanitizing: Hands often serve as a vector for germ transmission. Therefore, promoting regular hand washing and sanitizing is a highly effective measure to mitigate the risk. Placing hand washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the workplace, particularly in high-traffic areas, encourages frequent hand hygiene practices and serves as a strong deterrent against the spread of infections.

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By adhering to these guidelines and enlisting the services of a professional commercial cleaning company, you can take proactive steps to prevent the transmission of the flu and other contagious illnesses within your workplace.

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